MC Kapale Advises Lwasa To Date Halima Namakula

Faded comedian MC Kapale, has advised Masaka city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel to consider dating legendary singer Halima Namakula. Lwasa recently got disappointed by two ladies in a period of just four months. The latest disappointment is from a Kenyan lady only identified as Haffie. The lady denied dating Lwasa after just four days of proposing.

Haffie came out in the media saying Lwasa was using her as a stunt. She said she is a married woman and she has been with her husband and children for six years now. According to Haffie, she met Lwasa through the gold business but they didn’t date at all. She added that she respects and values her family, there is no way she would have an affair with Lwasa Emmanuel.

With all that going on in Lwasa’s life, MC Kapale has come out with the easiest solution for him so that he can settle down and stop running after young girls.

He said since Lwasa is in his 50s and Halima Namakula is in her 60s they are all ready to settle down. They have seen everything in life and he doesn’t think they need anything else. Instead of running around the young girls who are planning to detooth him, he should go for women of his age or above his age and life will be easier.

“Lwasa should start dating Halima Namakula because they are of the same age. I believe they are all tired of being lied to by the young people. So, they can easily settle down and be happy. Otherwise, Lwasa will be disappointed all the time the girls are just targeting his money,” MC Kapale said.


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