Sheila Gashumba be Kissinze ne Rickman KONY Mumaaso ga Frank Gashuma

Media personality and social media influencer Sheila Gashumba has continued to tighten their relationship even in public. This came after an audio was released on social media of Frank Gashumba showing how he is not happy with Rickman Manrick dating his daughter.

He said he doesn’t see his daughter Sheilah with a person that dresses like Rickman or of the value like him. However this didn’t bother Sheila Gashumba at all. Instead of listening to her father, she has continued the seal her love for Rickman.

Over the weekend, Sheila was opening up her clothing line and both her father Frank Gashumba and Rickman were in attendance. That didn’t stop her and Rickman fro. Sharing a kiss in public even in presence of her father Frank Gashumba.



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