Omuli w’emere yokumikolo Big Eye Star boss ayongedde okulumba Kenzo; Agamba obuzibu Zigido atya amazima

Singer Big Eye Starboss real name Mayanja Ibrahim has continued to attack fellow singer Edirisa Musuuza also known as Eddy Kenzo. He has branded him ‘Zigodo’. Big Eye started a fight against Eddy Kenzo after his Grammy nomination. At first he didn’t say anything but after the loss of the award, he opened up his heart.

For a long time, Big Eye has been pretending to be Eddy Kenzo’s friend. Always moving by his side in both good and bad.

But it looks like Big Eye has been hiding alot of anger towards Eddy Kenzo and after the Grammy Awards loss he got the opportunity to pour his heart out.

Yesterday he said Eddy Kenzo is a very selfish man and he only wants the good for himself. He claimed he has been hiding contacts for 9 years. This morning, he has woken up again on Eddy Kenzo saying he is ZIGIDO and his fans are attacking him for no reason.

“Ekikulu ZIGIDO doesn’t want to be told the truth. Now he thinks his ka small team can scare me,” Big Eye Starboss posted


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