Don’t Pay Attention To Spice Diana And Sheebah’s Beef, It’s A Stunt – Abitex Tells Ugandans

Events Promoter and the president of Uganda promoters Abby Musinguzi aka Abitex, has told Ugandans to stop paying attention to singers Spice Diana and Sheebah’s beef. He made the above statement because he believes it is a stunt being played on Ugandans.

For a long time, Sheebah and Spice Diana never saw eye to eye. However, because queen karma was maturing, she decided to end the beef and be friends with Spice. This step was taken last year 2022 at Spice Diana’s EP listening party. However, the friendship was short-lived.

A few months down the road, Spice Diana unfollowed Sheebah on Instagram and deleted all the photos they had together on that app. The two singers went ahead and composed songs attacking each other days after the unfollowing incident.

According to Abitex, Sheebah is not an artiste that has an interest in beefing with another artiste. But since she has shown interest it might be a stunt being played on Ugandans to stay relevant. The outspoken Abitex said all this they are selling is cheap popularity instead of going to studios and making good songs for their fans.

“What sheebah and Spice Diana are doing is a cheap celebrity stunt to stay relevant. I don’t want Ugandans to pay attention to them. We know that sheebah is not a beefing kind of person. so what is going on, if it’s not a stunt?” Abitex said.


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