The cause of singer Dr. Bitone wife’s death revealed

The wife of singer Dr. Bitone died yesterday in the morning and it was a shock to most of the fans. Bitone hadn’t said anywhere that the wife was sick suffering from anything and her death was very abrupt.

“Ekirango Kyokubikka. OMWAAMI KAWUKI DENIS aka DR.BITONE. abika .MUKYAALA We Nambatya Resty Eyafudde leero kumakya .Wa kuziikibwa/ku bijja bya bajjajjaabe Ekasanda kakungube Mityaana Road.Enkya 9th /02/23 essaawa .kumi 4pm Abooluganda abako n’abeemikwano mutegeezeddwa awulidde ategeeze omulala,”

However, people have been wondering what would be the cause of Dr. Bitone wife’s death. According to the news reaching out desk, this woman didn’t fall sick for long. She had some small stomach pain and after rushing her to the hospital she couldn’t make it

She has also been in depression for the last seven months ever since they lost their child to a car accident.


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