Bushingtone Wants Ugandans to Boycott Gravitty Omutujju’s Music. He Gives His Reasons

Renowned talent and events manager, producer, and music director Bushingtone, real name George Kagoda, has called upon the country to boycott singer Gravitty Omutujju’s music.

10th February 2023 saw Gravitty Omutujju on the spot following his negative sentiments regarding fellow singer Jose Chameleone’s concert which had been called off due to the heavy downpour that left the stage and other equipment in shambles.

Gravitty through his socials, in a statement seemingly addressed to his rival Jose Chameleone, revealed that his God works and that is how he pays.


His remarks, however, were heavily criticized by a number of the music industry stakeholders, including Bushingtone. Taking to his Twitter account, Bushingtone stated that in order to convince gravity that what he did was wrong, artists should stop sharing the stage with him, and DJs should stop playing his music.

Bushingtone’s suggestion, however, has generated subsequent reactions among internet users, with some claiming that Gravitty is entitled to his opinion.

Others, on the other hand, concur with Bushingtone, maintaining that Gravitty ought to be taught a lesson, stop emitting bad energy.


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