I Lost All The Love I Had Ever Since I Was chucked – Precious Remmie Open Up

Media personality and actress Precious Remmie real name Nakiito Rehema, has re-counted on the heartbreak she went through last month. The TV lady was chucked by her estranged husband Raymond Bindeeba aka Mr. Cocktail.

The two got married in 2022 after three months of knowing each other and dating. The marriage was so fast and it went viral on social media due to Bindeeba’s past.

However, like any other newly wedded bride, Remmie defended her man as she even attacked people that said bad things about him. However, everything came crumbling down last month when Bindeeba reportedly impregnated another woman he has been seeing.

When the news broke through the internet, Precious Remmie tried to defend her husband again but this time it didn’t work. The information about the pregnancy was overwhelming.

She later accepted the defeat and told her fans that indeed she was chucked. She is now looking forward to another chapter of her life.

As today, valentines day, is meant for lovers, Precious Remmie revealed that she has no plans for it. She said she lost all the love she had and at the moment she is left to see people who are in love enjoying their time.

“I am happy for people who are in love waiting for valentines day. Some will be gifted while others will not. For my side, I lost all the love I had and now back to my default setting,” she said.


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