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There is currently a growing trend of people from less developed countries that have decided to use a plot of telling that they are gay to get access to the west. LGBT-ism is a practice that is barred in many traditional and conservative states.

But in a bid to get citizenship to North America and some European countries, many people have used the “I’m being discriminated against” card in order to get visas.

This has quite usually paid off for many even in Uganda including some famous people. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have traded their sexuality just for a visa

  1. Afande Kere Kere

His real names are George William Mulindwa.

Afande Kerekere about two years ago revealed that he was gay.

The comedian who used to work with Galaxy FM shamelessly left his wife and kids in Uganda and fled to the UK.

Pictures flooded social media showing him wearing gay attires and with a fellow male as his lover.

2. Keko

At at one time, she was the best female rapper and even had a stake at the best rapper crown in the country.

All this however went down the gutter when she let her sexuality take control of her life.

Keko was at one time rumored to be ‘beaning’ herself with fellow singer Sheebah Karungi.

The ‘This is how we do it’ rapper came out about 5 years ago after relocating to Canada which is a gay hub for LGBTQ’S from across the world seeking asylum.
Keko after coming out tweeted that “My gay ass is free yes free and there will be a wedding you best believe,” she said in another tweet.

3. Rhoda K

The rumors started about two years ago when she was filmed kissing a fellow girl.

And about this year she opened up about her sexuality confirming she’s a lesbian.

Appearing in intimate photos with a white girl, Rhoda K said that she’s has no problems with dating fellow girls.

She further said that she has never dated a guy and doesn’t know how it feels.

“I have never dated a guy by the way so I don’t know what happens. Right now, it has not crossed my mind yet but we leave that to God,” said Rhoda K.

“My life, my way. Who am I to crucify a girl who likes a girl? It is God who created us you know. If Rhoda K loves a girl it is her decision. You’re not gonna come into my life and say, “Why did you do this?” she added.

Currently, she resides in the UK where she qas given citizenship for being gay.

3. Julie Mutesasira

Perhaps the most famous one and shocking one is this one.

The ex gospel singer has made it a habit to pipe down her gay status down everyone’s throat.

Currently, she lives in Canada with her gay female boyfriend and also her two children from her previous heterosexual marriage with Pastor Steven Mutesasira.

Julie had been married to Pastor Mutesasira for close to 15 years but left her marriage and kids a while ago.

She got a citizenship in Canada and since then, she’s acted like she’s the first one to openly declare being gay.

The two even wedded about two years ago.


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