I just wish I could give you kids- Emotional Ann Taylor to SB4 after Valentines surprise

Yesterday 14th February which is widely celebrated as Valentine’s day for lovers had many prophesying and proclaiming their love for their loved ones. And if you didn’t get anything not even a message from your loved one, you’re probably dating yourself.

Sanyuka TV presenter Ann Taylor who is married to another media personality SB4 drowned in her own tears. These were obviously tears of joy after SB4 sent her a bouquet of flowers and a note at her workplace.

Surprised that her husband had done this, Taylor just cried uncontrollably and said that what her husband just did might seem small to some bot to her it’s a big thing.

She only had one wish for her and her husband and that’s wishing God gives them children. Now it’s not clear whether the two have tried to have children and failed or if it’s just that they are not ready.

We shall however keep you updated.


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