Betty Nambooze Turns Violent In Studio After Hon Abed Bwanika Exposes Her

There was drama at the NBS television studios when two NUP MPs, Hon Betty Bakireke Nambooze and Hon Abed Bwanika clashed. This was during the NBS Barometer show. It all started with the argument about the release of two NUP MPs, Hon Allan Ssewanyana and Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya. The two who have been behind bars for close to two years were released earlier this week on bail. However, their release has a lot of questions lingering over it.

NUP top hierarchy especially Bobi Wine is yet to talk about it let alone jubilate. This has had people speculating that for the two to get released, someone or people had to bed with the regime.

For long, Bwanika has been calling upon his party and the entire opposition to negotiate with the government. This is in order to release many of their supporters who are in jail.

However, most of those in NUP such as Nambooze have always opposed this vehemently. According to them, there is no way they can sit with Museveni because this is exactly what he wants.

This seemed to anger Bwanika when Nambooze raised it once again. The former presidential candidate questioned whether Nambooze has never negotiated with the regime.

She swore that she’s never, just before Bwanika dropped the bombshell.

The Kimanya-Kabonera constituency legislator asked Nambooze how she then qualified to go to the US for treatment. He said that Nambooze was taken to the Speaker’s office. Closed doors meetings then took place Hon Anita Among and the Opposition MPs.

These included Hon Muwanga Kivumbi, LOP Hon Mathias Mpuuga and Hon Medard Lubega Ssegona. They appealed to the speaker to accord Nambooze who was in critical condition an all paid for treatment in the US.

Meanwhile as Bwanika said all this, Nambooze rose up from her seat and started protesting her innocence. She gathered her things and prepared to walk out from studio.

She failed to challenge Bwanika’s claims and couldn’t answer on which grounds she was airlifted to the US for treatment. Bwanika then labeled the likes of Nambooze selfish and greedy.


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