Mr Henrie tukomawo ewuwo esaawa yonna Tusaba kisonyiiwo😪bwali butamanñya – Prima Kardashi Says She Still Loves Mr Henrie

City socialite Prima Kardashi, has revealed that she still loves Mr Henrie. However, it could be brotherly or friendly love as she added that she doesn’t miss him at all. The two ran the streets for about 2 years with their whirlwind romance. However, they parted ways a few months ago and since then have been aiming subtle digs at each other.

Prima now says that even though they broke up, she still has a soft spot for him. However, that doesn’t mean she wants him back. She added that she’s single and not available but rather taking a break from love.

The mother of two also stated that she’s not yet about to settle down. Therefore, she also doesn’t want a serious man who is about to ask her to settle down..

“Mr Henrie, I love him but I don’t miss him. Why should I miss him when we broke up? I’m currently single and not available. I’m taking a break off love but it’s a good and beautiful thing. I advise all those in it to cherish the moments because they are sweet. I will fall in love till the day I die. For now I’m not ready to settle down. I also don’t want a man pressuring me to settle down,” she said.

The self styled Mama Lusaniya added that currently her life is just about her and her kids.

Prima shares two kids Solange and Sorayah with singer Geosteady. The two actually last year had people thinking they had rekindled their romance. It just turned out to be a stunt to promote the singer’s Wine and Dine show.


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