Mwewale nyo Obusajja obumpi nga Geosteady – BadBlack ayingida mulutalo lwa Prima Ne Geosteady

Faded socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black, has come out to tell ladies to avoid short Baganda men at all costs. This was in regards to the Geosteady and baby mama, Prima Kardashi saga.  The two yesterday held social media at ransom with their row. Kardashi hit out at Geosteady first which prompted the Viola singer to hit right back.

Prima lambasted Geosteady for being a womanizer that has probably slept with every woman. This seemed a KO that the singer wasn’t going to entertain and he made a bigger comeback.

According to the self-styled Blackman, he said that he was going to keep mute about why Prima constantly travels to Dubai, Thailand and Malaysia. It didn’t need rocket science to know what the singer was putting across. These places are renowned for a booming sex trade industry.

Most people travel to them for this illegitimate but highly lucrative business. This seemed the last nail in the coffin for Prima and she’s yet to recover.

Bad Black who is a renowned former prostitute and has probably been to these countries disputed this. She even appealed to the government to ship such men without manhoods to Congo.

“I told you ladies to avoid short men who are Baganda at all costs. So Geosteady wants to tell us that what takes Prima to Dubai, Thailand and Malaysia is to sell herself. Those men without manhoods should be shipped to Congo by the government,” said Bad Black.

The ex couple who share two kids meanwhile are still clashing. Many have interpreted this as a result of Prima catching feelings last year. This is when the two were so close and promoting Geosteady’s Wine and Dine show. She even featured in one of his music videos.


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