Video: Faridah Nakazibwe, Brielle dance to Ayra Starr’s ‘Sability’ on Kampala streets

Stability, which was released six days ago, is already garnering warm reception because of its groovy beats and inspirational lyrics. Starr, real name Sarah Oyinkansola Aderibigbe, sings: “while you beefing, i’m still leading. Kill anything i no fit miss; you no go fit in my shoes; high fashion Jimmy Choos. Wanna sip some gin and juice tomorrow, will be okay.”

Stability comes on the successful back of Rush, which also swept through TikTok with a strong wave as it attracted dance challenges from top personalities on the video hosting service.

Nakazibwe and Kiggundu, the daughter of singer Bruno K — decided to be part of the Stability wave. Nakazibwe and Kiggundu are seen dancing ‘Mpaka Chini’ in the video.

“Same same like mother like daughter 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰” reads a comment on the video. “I wish the baby takes Aunt Faridahz’s heart becz she tries to do everything her mom does🥰” reads another.

Nakazibwe started staying with Brielle after her mother, Rachael Nasasira, suffered a long-term health condition. She died in December 2021.

“Bruno became my friend promising he’s going to sing a song titled Faridah. We became friends when he needed help with a child. Young man. He is single. When he told me my baby mama is sick and they are going to give me my child to stay with her. I asked him, what are you going to do with the kid? Are you going to live with her in your situation? You have nowhere to start from, you may not even know how to cook. bring her here,” Nakazibwe said in an interview.

“When they brought the baby, she is so sweet, very adorable. My children liked her a lot, I liked her. She heard by kids calling me mummy and she also started calling me mummy… so, when the mother died, she now knows me as mummy.”

Nakazibwe has two daughters. You can also watch this video where they are dancing to Ruger’s Girlfriend. Watch the Stability video below:


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