It’s Stupidity! Justice Kanyeihamba ‘Gives Eddy Kenzo Level’ Over Self Comparison With Philly Lutaaya

Multi-award-winning singer Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo continues to absorb verbal missiles from angry Ugandans over his reckless comparison of himself to legendary Reggae sensation Philly Bongole Lutaaya. Last week, Kenzo proudly claimed to be miles away from his fallen counterpart in terms of popularity in the industry.

Kenzo’s controversial claim came at the back of a successful re-do of late Philly Lutaaya’s song- Born in Africa, one of his long-lasting legacy singles. Commenting on the song that was enjoying unparalleled airplay and downloads and views on YouTube, the ” Sitya loss” hitmaker bragged that re-working the song was like doing the fallen music legend a favor since he has no song as good as the multitudes he has produced so far.

The remark has since stirred an unprecedented protest from the public, with many regarding it as a lack of respect for the man who did it all in the industry during a very difficult age.

Among those that have been aggrieved by Kenzo’s remarks is veteran constitutional law guru Rtd Justice George William Kanyeihamba who seems to suggest that Kenzo’s reckless claim is premised on foolishness.

He contends that Kenzo must surely be knowing the truth of his rating in comparison to Lutaaya but still adamantly chooses the believe the lies in his head.

The unapologetically verbose ex-judge further argues that the comparison of the two is over misplaced, adding that it is like comparing legendary Nigerian soccer star Jay Jay Okocha to Ugandan ex-international Hakim Magumba. ”stupidity is knowing the truth but still believing in lies. Comparing Eddi Kenzo to Philly Bongole Lutaaya is like comparing Jay Jay Okocha to Hakim Magumba.

Philly Lutaaya died in 1989 of AIDS but his music has outlived him and seems like won’t ever fade away. His remarkable songs like Merry Christmas, Norn in Africa, Entebbe, today is me, and Nze ndimukazi, among others, have endeared his work to Ugandans of all walks and generations.

Eddi Kenzo on the other hand is arguably the country’s most successful musician of his generation. His single “sitya loss ” won him an unprecedented international award and he has never looked back since.

The two have however blossomed in different generations, making a comparison of their works completely inapplicable.


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