5 Ways To Deal With Your Husband’s Side Chick

Most married women experience shivers down their spines when the word “side chick” is used in a discussion about their husbands. A side chick is a mistress or a woman a man covertly dates in addition to his girlfriend or wife.

Being informed that your husband has a mistress is something no woman enjoys or loves to hear. Normally when you find out that your boyfriend or husband has a side chick, you have the option of going after him or the other woman – you should never do the latter. Here are five alternative unique methods to handle the situation if you ever learn that your husband has a mistress.

Conduct Research

Do some research before you decide to confront your husband’s sidekick or start yelling about the situation. Learn the name, relationship status, and, if possible, how the side woman and your spouse met.

Better understanding of the situation is provided by the research. For instance, even though you may think she is the side chick, she may think otherwise because your husband may have secretly wed her. Avoid making snap judgments; instead, give yourself time to think and research.

Inhibit your feelings

You may occasionally ponder whether you should face her or have a private conversation with your man at home. Or perhaps you ought to call her just to let her know who she is up to.

Give yourself as much time as you need to manage your emotions as if you were reacting on the spur of the moment—a few hours, a few days, whatever. You can make a mistake in what you say or do. Act with thought first. then carry out a thoughtful plan.

Communicate With Your Hubby

Communication is essential in circumstances like this. Don’t let your feelings overwhelm you to the point that you pack your things and depart. Take some time to gather yourself after learning of his adultery before contacting him. He will initially dispute it, as you might imagine, but keep pressing the point and offer proof to support your assertion. Ask him calmly why he did it if he subsequently admits to having done it.

Never Challenge Her

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but when it comes to your husband cheating on you, you should be more upset with him than you are with the side chick. Some married women have a tendency of going to the homes of their husbands’ side chicks and verbally and physically abusing them

Consult A Marriage Counselor

Now, if you recognize that you still love him and want to stay married despite his infidelity, you should consult a reputable marriage counselor. Before calling a counselor, talk to him about this concept and make sure he is on board. Be honest with the counselor during your sessions about your emotions.

Talk about the impact of his adultery on you and the situation it has left you both in. Keeping an open mind and paying attention to what the therapist and husband have to say will help this healing process the most. This assumes that both you and your husband attend the counseling sessions.

Make A Choice

Everything has been building up to this point. It’s time for you to decide if you want to try to work on your marriage or pack your bags and go after talking to your husband and seeing a marital counselor. While there may not be a perfect solution for what you should do, keep in mind that you should always do what will make you happy and emotionally and mentally stable.


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