Will Hon Ssegirinya stay truthful to the struggle? Here is the whole truth by Bobi Wine

Kawempe North Member of Parliament Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya has been under detention for almost 17 months. He was arrested alongside Hon Allan Ssewanyana after they were accused of killing so many people in Masaka in 2021.

With all the torture and suffering, Ssegirinya Muhammad and Allan Ssewanyana were finally released and their releasing was contravertial As their president Bobi Wine, he didn’t know anything about their release and he wasn’t happy with how they took things.

However, yesterday Bobi Wine posted that he has met with Ssegirinya and the two had a long chat about a lot of things. He said Ssegirinya was happy to be out and he said he will not leave the struggle despite having suffered for a year and mere.

“Today, Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad paid me a visit at home in Magere. I welcomed him from the long period of illegal detention and thanked him for holding up. I also received a call from Hon. Allan Sewanyana who informed me that he is steadily recovering. They assured me that their commitment to our struggle for freedom and democracy still stands firm. They will soon address the nation and respond to the questions many people have been asking,” Bobi Wine posted.


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