BAMBI! Buddu supporters get an accident on their way to Masaza Cup finals

Buddu asupporters have got an accident as they were approaching Wankulukuku to watch the Masaza finals, The finals are happening today and as usual, Buddy is full of the vibe with supporters from all over the villages.

Unfortunately this time around, some couldn’t make it as the car overturned and left so many injured although without any death registered, According to the media, the accident happened in Kamengo and they are still trying to make sure everyone gets fine.

Emotoka ebadde etambuza abawagizi ba ttiimu ya Buddu nga kigambibwa nti eno yabaddeko abalogo baayo efunye akabenje e Kammengo ng’eva e Masaka okugenda e Wankulukuku okuwagira ttiimu yaabwe esobole okumegga Busiro beddize ekikopo ky’Amasaza ky’omwaka 2022. Waliwo abalumiziddwa naye mpaawo muntu afudde. #MasazaCupFinal2022


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