pastor bujjingo asonyiye mukazi we teddy na baana bonna kino kileeka wa Susan makulu 不不不伐

House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor Aloysius Bugingo has publicly revealed that he has forgiven all his children he shares with Teddy Naluswa.

In 2016, Pastor Bugingos family with Teddy Naluswa fell apart when the city pastor started eyeing his current lover Susan Makula.

He then filed for divorce, which Teddy Naluswa vehemently refused to grant the pastor, claiming that whatsoever God has joined together cannot be broken apart by anyone.

This saw the children Teddy Naluswa sired with pastor Bugingo have their mothers six, which created a rift between the kids and their father.

For seven years now, the pastor has not been seeing eye to eye with his children, and he snubbed two of their just concluded graduation ceremonies.

Earlier today, however, Bugingo during his Sunday service, revealed that he had forgiven all his children that include Doreen Gift Bujingo, Winnie Bujingo, Jennifer Bujjingo, and Isaac Bujingo.

Bugingo emphasized that his children can call him at any time going forward because he has never blocked any of their phone numbers.

In the same church session, Pastor Bugingo asked God to bless his children, and help to them live good lives.


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