“Sheebah nali namukoowa yensonga lwaki nasangula ebifaananyi bye” Spice Diana on why she unfollowed Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi revealed last week that she has never been friends with Spice Diana, so when the latter got an opportunity for a clap-back, she delivered it with a spice of wit.

“I just unfollowed her… I do that most times. When I get tired of people, I unfollow them,” Diana said when she was asked why she unfollowed Karungi on Instagram.

Diana unfollowed Karungi and deleted photos of them together from her social media pages around the period the latter sided with Ritah Dancehall when she was arrested by the former.

According to Karungi, they were never friends

“There was no friendship. We don’t want to fake anything. Friendship is different. We have an understanding in the music industry called mutual respect, for colleagues, okay?”

Karungi said while speaking to Sanyuka TV when she was asked about the future of her friendship with Diana “Let’s not confuse these things. Mutual respect for colleagues.”

For some six months, Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana had their fans believing that they had dealt with their issues and they are now friends.

It all started when Diana invited Karungi for the launch of her Extended Play, or mini-album, in May 2022,

“I called Sheebah and invited her to my EP listening party and gladly she accepted my invitation. Since then, we have been communicating a lot, and recently, she called just to check on me,” Diana said at the roll-out of the EP dubbed Star Gal.

The invite came on the back of continued reports that the two were jockeying for the label of the top female artiste in the country, though to some observers it appeared that it was fans trying to pit them against each other.

Diana even boldly declared that it was the media trying to create the beef.

She said: “Let me tell you guys, she is one of my mentors, yeah; even when the negative media has been trying to spoil that but it’s not gonna change. It’s not gonna change. I love you so much. And thank you for changing our industry, thank you for what you do for the women.”

When Karungi held a concert in December 2022 at Kampala Serena Hotel, Diana was there and Karungi also returned the favour when Diana held a concert this past month.


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