Susan Makula: Bugingo and I will die together, there’s no other man for me

Susan Makula has said that she won’t date another man once her relationship with Pastor Aloysius Bugingo ends, According to Makula, the day Pastor Bugingo dies is the day she will also die. She hopes her husband will die when he is 120. She will be 102 at that time.

“We shall love each other. When he is 120 years old, I will be 102 years old. That’s when we will go to meet God. Unless He comes right now to pick us up, we shall go together… He can’t take only one,” Makula said in a recent interview.

“Because it’s not like I’m staying around to marry another man. After him, there is no another.” While she strikes one as a reserved person, Susan Makula is known to hyperbolise her statements.

Sometime back she said she once dated a man who traumatised her so much that she decided to never date again, She said all that changed when she met Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. Their relationship also had a strange beginning.

She recently asked the pastor if he regrets marrying her, “Do you regret marrying, Susan?” Makula asked Bugingo, who responded: “Me?”

Makula went on: “Yes!” Bugingo said: “Not at all. I can’t. [Makula shows off a toothy smile]. I can’t regret it.”

Makula sought reaffirmation as the couple talked to media personality Isaac Daniel Katende, also known as Kasuku, who was filming content for his YouTube channel.

It’s ahead of this interview that Kasuku recorded a video showing the couple’s new fancy house in Namayumba, a settlement in Wakiso District.

Bugingo told Makula that now that they have a house together, it shows that their bond is growing stronger.



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