Dr. Maggie Kigozi ayagala ebyabakyaala okufukamilira abasajja bikomezebwe

Kigozi who doubles as singer Navio’s mother has revealed that some cultural norms like kneeling before men should be abandoned, While the world has evolved over time, various cultures have made every effort to preserve their traditions and ways of life.

Those who behave in a way that goes against the norm are typically alienated and viewed as immoral.

However, while taking part in an interview with Sanyuka Tv recently, Dr. Maggie made it known that some cultural beliefs like a woman kneeling before a man were aimed at denigrating women, hence should be shunned.

Dr. Maggie added that since women have been working hard to achieve statuses comparable to their spouses, equality should be embraced rather than opposed in disguise of preserving cultural values.

Furthermore, Dr. Maggie Kigozi added that as time passes, some cultural beliefs like a woman being mandated to make the bed and kneeling before her spouse should be shunned because they are no longer relevant.

Her admission, however, has generated controversy online, with some internet users pointing out the need to respect cultural traditions.

Some, on the other hand, have concurred with Dr. Maggie Kigozi and argued that as society changes, so must culture.


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