Nze Ndimusiyazi awedde emilimu – Kyadaaki Arthur Kayima akiliza

Ugandan famous Tiktoker now living in the United Kingdom (UK) Arthur Kayima has confessed to being a homosexual.

In Uganda, homosexuality is illegal and people are continuing to fight it day by day especially the government and religious leaders.

The homosexuals in some countries don’t have any rights that favour them and they do whatever they do in darkness, hiding from people not to know what they actually do.

Some young people who come out as homosexual are given opportunities to flee the country and go to the Western countries that support them. The organizations that fund them are also from Western countries.

Arthur Kayima, started showing signs of being homosexual through his TikTok videos but still denied it in public. Having a child, he said he was a straight man who was looking at raising his child and having more.

But after leaving the country, he is now confessing that he is homosexual and he is also looking at helping those in African countries to live a better life without being harassed.

According to Arthur Kayima, someone is born homosexual and they can never change anything about it.

“I am doing this interview to talk about gays and lesbians that are not having an opportunity to come out. Us homosexual men who have had an opportunity to come out to countries that support us now need to give hope and support *** people we left back home,” Arthur Kayima.


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