Mumpe kumagezi ngasinejja mubulamu bwansi – Mulungi Khloe eyasaasanya obutambi bwobuseegu alajanye

Mulungi Khloe looks like she’s undergoing depression after the recent unfortunate incidents that befell her, She’s now come out to ask for help especially from those people with motivational words.

According to Khloe, she’s going to take a break off Twitter and she will be back when at least everything has become quite.

“Maybe y’all still have motivational words left there, may I borrow them. i’ll be back as soon as everything stops being so loud.”

Meanwhile she revealed how she’s going to make the person who dropped her adult videos to pay for what they did.

It should be recalled that Mulungi Khloe left social media in tatters after her adult content dropped last week, These have since been making rounds on social media and people can’t seem to get over her.



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