Suzan Makula ayogedde ebigambo Pr. Bujingo byekozesa nga’mukwaana

Salt media first lady Suzan Makula has revealed words pastor Aloysious Bugingo used to date her, Suzan Makula and Pastor Bugingo Started dating when he was still married to his ex wife and baby mama Teddy Naluswa.

By that time, Suzan Makula was a worker at Salt media and Teddy didn’t know what was going on in the relationship.

But after the separation, pastor Bugingo immediately introduced her to their supporters in church and said that is the wife.

Although some people didn’t Like it, Pastor Bugingo held on to the relationships. Despite being denied divorce he traditionally married her, While preaching on Sunday, Suzan Makula revealed the charming words she was told.

“Bba wange bweyali ankwana yangamba nkwagala nyo naye toyimiliranga mukubo ly’enjiri nja kukukyaawa,” Susan Makula



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