“I will never forgive Mary Luswata for accusing me of having multiple STD’s” – Sheebah

Musician Sheebah Karungi might be one of the most resilient singers in Uganda but she’s also human and gets hurt .

The self styled queen karma has now recounted how she was once accused of harboring multiple STDs, This was done by none other than Mary Luswata who used to present the Scoop on Scoop TV show on Urban TV.

Luswata really dragged a lot of celebrities in the mud and some of these still have the scars, Its been many years since she quit the media Industry but many of those she dragged still have fresh memories.

Sheebah while appearing in a YouTube interview with Kasuku revealed how Mary Luswata soiled her name.

She warned people against using boda bodas because Sheebah was also using them yet she had many STDs.

The Bailamosi singer added that she was also appalled by the way Mary Luswata tarnished Fille Mutoni’s name by calling her an HIV victim, This definitely broke Fille among her family, friends and fans.

However rhe breaking point for Sheebah was when Mary Luswata mocked the death of singer Juliana Kanyomozi’s son, Keron Kabugo in 2014.

She showed no empathy and according to Sheebah, this was definitely wrong, For those reasons above, Sheebah revealed that she will never forgive Mary Luswata.


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