It’s Bad Manners For A Man To Show Up At Woman’s Place Empty Handed – Bruno K

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu, is unhappy with men that show up at any woman’s place empty-handed. Men are meant to be providers to the ladies.

Some, however, run away from their responsibilities as they wait for women to completely provide for them.

According to Bruno K, men who show up at women’s doorsteps empty-handed are very disrespectful. This is especially to those ladies they have gone to see.

He said some men don’t feel ashamed, they show up, eat food, use a woman’s electricity, and even sleep with her after coming with nothing.

The talented singer said men should learn from their fathers and grandfathers who treated women very well and also provided everything.

He said women should learn also not to allow these men to use them especially when they can’t provide. Bruno K advised women not to cook food or give a man anything if he comes to visit with nothing.

“It’s bad manners to show up at your woman’s place empty-handed. Moreso if she’s going to give you ebyapa. You know some men don’t feel any shame. They will come empty-handed, then ask for food and water. You will even find them with the remote changing channels on a girls television they didn’t buy for her very happy,” he said.

It should be noted that Bruno K is one of the celebrity single fathers to a daughter. He is however helped by Faridah Nakazibwe to raise his daughter.


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