I Used To Escape From Class To Bathe Dirty Kids – Faridah Nakazibwe

Seems like TV presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has always had a liking for helping out people especially the less privileged. In this case, these might not have been underprivileged but they really needed help.

The NTV news anchor has revealed that she would miss classes to go and shower unkempt kids at her school.

This was as far back as her primary education. Once she noticed that there were dirty kids, Faridah always took it upon herself to clean them. Apparently, the parents of these kids even up to now still give her money when they meet her.

She definitely set the legacy of helping from way back in her youthful days. Faridah even wondered whether she died by helping out.

“Guess what….. as a young girl in primary school, I used to dodge class sometimes, to bathe unkempt kids. Some of their parents still give me ka money when they meet me. Did I die?”

She’s definitely become one of the most loved TV presenters in the country. This is largely due to her life-changing and inspiring stories through her Mwasuze Mutya program on NTV.

Her personality has even had some people calling upon her to contest in politics most probably in Masaka where she hails from. However, we all know how such voices and the public can be misleading.

Hopefully, she will make a great choice for her career ahead and not follow some of her fellow media personalities such as Miles Rwamiti who massively failed in Hoima in the past general elections.


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