“Wama Sheebah forgive that ‘ka’ girl” – Roden Y Kabako Asks Sheebah To Forgive nemesis Spice Diana

Former TNS singer and one of musician Sheebah Karungi’s best friends, Roden Y Kabako, has asked the Nakyuka singer to forgive her nemesis Spice Diana.

It’s evident that Spice Diana and Sheebah are both fighting for supremacy. This has seen them clash even after burying their hatchet.

Kabako has now asked Sheebah to forgive the Source Management singer because she doesn’t know what she attacked.

According to him, Sheebah is the best and therefore has the electricity. That’s why everyone wants to touch her so that they can become relevant.

The Namba Emu singer likened Sheebah to the US saying she’s the superpower. No one can literally win a war against her and besides it’s the other parties to cool the conflict.

Kabako also revealed that he could have attacked Spice Diana already over this mess. He’s however friends with her too reason he’s sparing her.

“I would advise my friend Sheebah to forgive that ‘ka’ girl. She really got scared and doesn’t even know what she’s doing. Sheebah is like a superpower and anybody who tries to face her is destroyed by her might. Besides, it’s not even her that should calm conflicts but others. I could also have attacked Spice Diana already over Sheebah but she’s also somehow my friend,” said Kabako.

Meanwhile, the singer also cautioned local social media blogger Isma Olaxees over upcoming singer Alien Skin. Apparently, Isma is not a huge fan of Alien Skin’s violent behavior and has severally called him out.

This even saw the Sitya Danger singer threaten to beat up Isma. Therefore, Kabako wants Isma to reduce on his attacks on a fellow ghetto youth. This is because if he doesn’t, other ghetto youths will attack him and he will regret it.


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