Caroline Marcah attacks MC Kats, brands him a short liar

Media personality Caroline Marcah has finally responded to MC Kats by attacking him, branding him a short liar.

Caroline Marcah and MC Kats were dating ever since Covid19. Their relationship was very public in that Kats’ friends also became Marcah’s friends.

But Kats couldn’t keep his hands to himself. After a small quarrel, he took it upon himself and decided to fight Caroline Marcah in a public place.

The two were recorded but it ended up MC Kats not physically attacking Caroline Marcah but he used very abusive words.

Although the video of the assault was released, MC Kats pretended like nothing had happened and posted a beautiful message celebrating Marcah’s birthday.

Caroline Marcah didn’t reply to him not until yesterday when she took it to her Instagram to tell people never to get involved with short men.

According to Caroline Marcah all men are liars but short men are dangerous and worse in lying.


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