Hon. Evelyn Anite Reimburses Ugx 1m to Her Employee who Gave Her Ugx 1,000 on Her Birthday

Hon. Anite’s birthday celebration was full of highlights most common at birthday parties, including plenty of drinks and food, music, and gift rewards.

However, amid all the presents given to Anite, one of her employees, Ben, who offered her Ugx 1,000, caught her eye.

Hon. Evelyn Anite was touched by Ben’s generosity and quickly reached into her pocket rewarding him Ugx 1,000,000 as reimbursement.

Anite’s humanitarian act has since attracted netizens’ attention, and many have praised her for being grateful.

The brilliant smile with 1000k in my hands is this young boy Ben who works at my hotel as a builder.He gave me 1000k as my birthday gift, I was over joyed with his generous heart in that that I gave him 1000000m in return.Give to others more shall be given to you.


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