I Would Keep You Pregnant All The Time – Rwomushana To Nambooze

N BS TV’s Barometer talkshow with it’s comic duo of panelists Charles Rwomushana and Betty Nambooze were at it again. The two got involved in an exchange and Rwomushana ended up telling Nambooze that he would keep her pregnant all the time to control her.

This all started with their opening remarks on the program. Rwomushana started with his trade mark of ‘Katonda mulungi, Katonda wa kissa.’

Just before he got done, Nambooze interrupted him saying that she refutes his intro. A disappointed Rwomushana stopped there and then before Zambaali asked him to continue. The ex intelligence officer declined and said that he was done in a calm dejected mood.

This saw Zambaali burst into laughter and ask Rwomushana how he used to behave in his youthful days.

Nambooze went ahead to say if she was Rwomushana’s wife, he would be beating her all the time. He didn’t retaliate immediately but waited for the program to end.

He later ran to his Twitter page and said that he would never beat Nambooze. This is because he doesn’t believe in beating women. However, he would make sure she’s pregnant all the time, Seems like this is a new technique of silencing women from annoying you.

Despite the numerous provocations from various panelists, Rwomushana has always maintained a calm demeanor. When they asked about this, he said that he looks up to Dr Olara Otunu. In fact that’s how he wants to be whenever he’s provoked on air.

Meanwhile social media users said that Rwomushana and Betty Nambooze deserve each other. This is because of their characters which seem to be the opposite of the other.


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