BAMBI! SB4 aleseewo assudewo Ann Taylor lwabugumba, mbulwakuba tazaala

It seems like the marriage between media personalities SB4 and Ann Taylor is no more following their recent social media updates.

Ann took to her social media mdia pages to reveal how she checked into hospital, She thought that she was pregnant but sadly for her the tummy bump seemed to be caused by worms, And the doctor told her to instead buy deporting tablets.

“My Doctor just confirmed mbu Ann Taylor you just need to take edagala lyebiwuka kyoka I thought I was pregnant hmmmm,” she said.

This followed with SB4 saying that he’s now single. “Am single,” said SB4, It should be noted that Ann Taylor and SB4 legalized their relationship in 2020.

They however don’t have any children together yet and it seems Ann has a fertility problem, On being surprised by her husband on Valentines day, Ann was in tears and said that she hopes she can give him children.

For now it’s not yet clear whether the marriage of these two is over. We shall however keep you updated.


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