JIWUNYE! Omwana bruno K Gweyazaala nagaana okumuwa obuyaambi amuzaalidde ebizibbu

Singer Bruno K has learnt a lesson that when you’re a public figure, petty arguments are something that you should definitely avoid on social media. He can attest to this after being accused of siring and neglecting a son.

The singer sparked this debate after he said that it’s possible to have a best friend of the opposite gender who you don’t sleep with.

He revealed that he had one but didn’t conclude what happened after having her, Furthermore, he added that he even used to share a bed with her and nothing would happen between them.

“Btw it’s possible to have a hot female bestie nga u are not chewing. I had one we could even share the bed, but nothing would happen,” Bruno K said.

It’s like the singer had thrown a stone into a hive of bees without masking himself. Different opinions started flying in and one man ferociously attacked the Faridah singer, This fella went to the singer’s comment section and exchanged some heated words.

Bruno told him he’s stupid and he’s only angry that he refused to follow him yet he follows others. According to Bruno, he won’t block this guy but will leave him to see how the singer follows others back and not him.

The tweep decided to reveal that the singer is a stupid and irresponsible father. He said the singer impregnated a friend of his known as Vanessa and has since not been there, He even said the singer’s son is known as Seth Kiggundu who clearly resembles the singer.

“Btw Bruno, Don’t make me talk about how u are such a stupid and irresponsible father to Seth Kiggundu, your own son from my Best friend Vanessa … Don’t make me spill such info. Day in day out in 2022, u where making Vanessa’s ( Your baby mama kid) life so hard to a point that I really hated u so much.

And u favor Briella over your own son ???? Some men are just pathetic…oh I forgot.. bakuwaasa, u the woman.”

It should be recalled that even to take over his daughter Briella Kiggundu, it was a tag of war. The girl’s mother had to first die before the singer could assume responsibility.


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