Gwe Faridah walemwa ewa ssekadama ssali ate Ewa Hajji bakutwala kagudeyo nga mubi w’amabaati kuba wali towumuza machine – Faridah Nakazibwe And Bugingo Hannington Turn Twitter Into Battle Zone

There is currently a social media war going on between comedian Hannington Bugingo and NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe. It all started when Bugingo accused Nakazibwe of promoting Homosexuality.

On the day of the legislation, Nakazibwe posted a picture of herself alongside two female kindergarten teachers. Behind her was a visible painting of the rainbow color.

This made Bugingo to accuse her of supporting LGBTQ+. She wasn’t amused by this and immediately hit back. She called the Fun Factory comedian the most unfunny in the group.

“No wonder you are the most unfunny among all the fun factory comedians. Okisussa Mukulu munnange.”

It was as if Bugingo had been wounded at being called unfunny by Nakazibwe. He went on a rampage and blasted Nakazibwe reminding her about her 3 failed marriages.

Bugingo also questioned Nakazibwe’s true sexual orientation ever since Hajj Moses Kigongo dumped her.

Nakazibwe also hit back calling Bugingo a short man who was married by his wife. And since the feud had turned personal, Bugingo went on another rampage. He said Faridah was chased from Hajj’s like an iron sheets thief because she couldn’t let her machine rest.

“Nze Nkya boobeza etooke Gyebampasa Naye Gwe Maka Asatu gewakalemwa; 1. Walemwa ewa’ Dan( Taata waba Tooto) 2. walemwa ewa ssekadama ssali 3. Ewa Hajji bakutwala kagudeyo nga mubi w’amabaati kuba wali towumuza machine … 4. Ndeete, Ndeete… 5.Kati kyova oyagala okuyisa wo obwa Yinfuluwensa Naye Tukulengera Nyabo Senior nakyeyobekede/ omusomi w’mawulile Nakiinku.”

The two went ahead with further brandishing of attacks towards each other. Bugingo called Faridah an LGBTQ influencer and enabler something the Mwasuze Mutya presenter denies.


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