Andrew Mwenda Needs Spiritual Healing And Mental Therapy – Pastor Martin Ssempa

Vocal city pastor Martin Ssempa has said that renowned political analyst Andrew Mwenda needs spiritual healing and mental therapy. Ssempa then posted pictures of Mwenda and his sister, Minister Margaret Muhanga.

These seemed to be enjoying a sibling moment with Mwenda putting his arms around her and pecking her. However, on zooming the picture, it appeared as if he was biting her.

From Ssempa’s interpretation, she  seemed a bit uncomfortable with this gesture. He therefore used Chameleone and Weasel’s recent viral kiss as a yard stick.

According to Ssempa, it would be hypocritical to castigate Weasel and Chameleone and let Mwenda walk scot-free.

“Should we rebuke @JChameleone for violating our culture by kissing his brother on stage? And be silent about #mwenda kissing his sister and proudly tweet about it? She seems very troubled by the forced kiss. #Mwenda needs spiritual and mental therapy.”

Ssempa a renowned LGBTQ+ critic even labeled Mwenda a traitor of African culture. This is as he highlighted the Independent Magazine CEO’S rainbow socks at one of the political shows he attended.

Ssempa meanwhile also explained what Mwenda was doing to the sister in the pictures posted on social media. From his perspective, Mwenda is just bad publicity for Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s presidential ambitions.

“Why this is NOT a peck. 1. Strangulation 2.Chockhold 3. Biting with teeth. 4. Pain on sister. Its obvious #Mwenda is a sick man who needs therapy and treatment. He cannot be a spokesperson for our man.”

The Makerere Community churches pastor also scorned Mwenda’s recent interviews at NTV.

Mwenda laughed so hard as MP Medard Lubega Ssegona narrated how they had come up with the Anti-Homosexuality bill.

According to the MP, they met lots of youths who had been damaged through sodomy. This had Mwenda laughing but Ssempa didn’t find it funny and said he is a sick man.


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