Walya Oba Tewalya: Macline Juliet aka Macmeow3 drops Nekedi Videos

TikToker and Dubai-based Nkuba kyeyo, Macline Juliet aka Macmeow3 has dropped nekedi videos days after she left guys in panic mode over HIV status.

Macline took to her Snapchat, declared herself sick and and asked those who ate to go and have tests. She mentioned Manager Mutawe – the manager of Maulana and Reign, Kajonny and Barista Timo as those among who chewed and asked them to seek medical attention.

After sending Dubai guys into panic mode, Barista Timo took matters into his hands, picked her and started interrogating her.

Timo told Macline that his mum wants her papers to prove her claims. Macline probed why Timo wanted her papers before asking him, ‘Walya oba Tewalya (You ate or not)’, This angered Timo and hit back asking ‘Nalyaki Komanyoko (What did i eat)’.

As the Ugandans are still discussing Macline Juliet aka Macmeow3 antics on TikTok. She dropped nekedi videos to cement her legacy.

Before Macline flew to Dubai, she first appeared on Bukedde TV ‘Abanoonya’ program looking for a patner.


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