Stop Spreading Lies – Sheilah Gashumba to Women Who Claimed they Breastfed Snakes

Sheilah Gashumba has laughed at social media stories pointing out that a section of women ended in romantic relationships with alleged devil worshippers.

Since yesterday, screenshots portraying how Kampala life eaters were lured into engaging in romantic relationships with seemingly devil worshipers left netizens in a jaw-dropping state.

These relationships all shared the trait of beginning as a fairytale and ending as a horror movie.

In one of the stories that drew everyone’s attention, a lady claimed that she was offered chunks of money every time she met Mr. amazing.

To her surprise, the man wasn’t interested in sexual pleasure, but rather wanted her to breastfeed a big snake he was grazing in his house.

Upon Sheilah Gashumba crossing paths with the screenshots, she wasn’t convinced by the narrative, before taking to Snapchat to punch holes in the hearsay.

Sheilah disclosed that all the stories are aimed at tarnishing men’s reputations, but they are untrue, before deeming them ‘French Fries’,

The socialite went on to say that since a big number of youths are unemployed, they have resorted to making up stories to keep the internet entertained.


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