VIDEO: Is he mad? Gift of Kaddo makes uncoordinated statements

For some time, news has always made rounds about how faded singer Gift of Kaddo heavily abuses drugs, Some time ago he revealed how he had quit using them and even thanked fellow singer Nina Roz for rehabilitating him.

He was then seen vending g.nuts saying that it’s one if his side hustles, However, later on the incidents and statements he’s been making show that he’s completely not fine.

A video posted in social media has bow showed the singer making uncoordinated statements, He at first attacked media presenters for always wanting bribes to play his music.

Kaddo said that he can never give them this money and that’s why his music doesn’t get airplay, This is therefore the reason why Ugandans are stuck with bogus music.

He added that he’s only comparable to the likes of Diamond Platnumz and the likes of Afrigo Band and Maddox Ssematimba.

Kaddo further called himself a living legend but amidst all this he just looked high and doesn’t look good either.


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