VIDEO: Love in the air – Anitah Fabiola and hubby make lakeside pact

Love can be so good when it’s not you in it but just observing those in it making you wonder how they do it, Well the love seems to be so high for socialite, entrepreneur and media personality Anitah Fabiola together with her husband Mark Ronald.

The two decided to take to Lake Victoria to make a pact, Fabiola said that they tried to make one while they were in Paris but failed.

She’s however glad that they managed to make one in Uganda since there is now a place where such can be done, Fabiola added that she’s so glad for her better half and treasures their friendship.

The two made a pact by writing on heart shaped padlock, They then locked it on a wire mesh where there are other padlocks of other lovers.

Fabiola and Mark proceeded to throw the marker they used into the lake before beautifully swapping saliva.


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