Sheebah Advises Young Girls On How To Make It In Life

Songstress Sheebah Karungi has come out with a piece of advice to young girls on how to make it in life. Taking to her Instagram page, Sheebah advised young girls out there to always front money and education.

This by all means should always come before their emotions, The self-styled queen karma added that the moment they front emotions, their lives will be left unfocused and broken.

The Nakyuka singer has in the past few years become more of a motivational speaker. Her advice is always geared towards young women out there.

Having also grown up in very dire conditions and fleeing home at a young teenage age to make a life for herself, Sheebah resonates with the situation majority of young girls go through in Uganda.

Luckily for her, she’s made it to the top through her music. However, some of her empowerment talks have constantly landed her in problems.

Most of it is geared towards the girl child and not the males. On top of that, its content preaches more individualism for women rather than harmonious co-existence between men and women.

This has always had people calling her the number one enemy of marriage and family. And being motherless and unmarried, she’s always caught stray bullets for these opinions.

“As a young woman, u have to learn to put your money and education before your emotions. That crap will leave you unfocused and broke,” she said.


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