Bobi Wine Should Seek UMA’s Attention To Get Back On Stage – Cindy

The president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), Cindy Sanyu, has said that singer and politician Bobi Wine should seek UMA’s attention. This is if he wants to get back on stage and doing music as before.

According to Cindy, it’s unfortunate that Bobi Wine isn’t singing. However, there isn’t much they can do for him if he doesn’t seek out their help.

This is because they can’t glue themselves to someone who shows that he doesn’t need them. But if he does come out and reaches out to them, they are ready to fight tooth and nail to get him back on stage.

The Boom Party singer was reminded that Bobi Wine is actually one of the founding members UMA.

Cindy said that this means nothing because some have even been at one point president of the association. However, now they distanced themselves from the association and don’t know what’s going on with it.

“It’s unfortunate that Bobi Wine is not yet back on stage singing. However, he hasn’t approached UMA about his issue. And we also can’t fight for someone who shows that he doesn’t need us. But if he reaches out to us, we shall without a doubt fight for him,” said Cindy.

She added that all this with due respect to the self-styled ghetto gladiator. According to Cindy, there isn’t a musician as successful as Bobi Wine in East Africa especially owing to his political career.

However, as UMA, they have a set of rules they observe while conducting their business.

Meanwhile, the singer was also thrown a baby shower by several musicians. She said that this was a surprise as she wasn’t expecting it.

Having done a baby shower last year, she and her husband had opted not to do one this time. She was even more surprised that even musicians who were opposing her leadership were involved.


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