Our Sons Are Best Friends – Zuena On Alpha And Kampala Solomon’s Friendship

Zuena Kimera, a businesswoman and wife to famous singer Bebe Cool, has revealed that Bobi Wine’s first son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi and her son Alpha Ssali are best friends.

Zuena and Bobi Wine’s wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi, were once friends as both their husbands are in the music industry.

However, the friendship faded away with time following the feud between their husbands in the battle of music that has nothing to do with them.

By the time this happened, their children had bonded so much and became more of best friends.

Things became worse when Bobi Wine joined politics and went to the opposite side yet Bebe Cool is for the ruling party NRM. Bobi Wine started becoming overprotective of his children hence creating a big gap in Solomon and Alpha’s friendship.

However, it looks like their parents’ issues seem to have not got in their way of friendship.

In a recent interview, Zuena revealed that Alpha and Solomon are best friends and they see each other so often. She said as parents, they don’t need to have control of their children’s choices.

Like their son Alpha and Bobi Wine’s son Kampala have been friends for so long. There is no way one would come between them yet they chose to still be friends.

“Solomon and Alpha are best friends and they see themselves whenever they want. They are children and we can’t stop them from having their time,” Zuena said.


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