The Big 3 Musicians In Uganda Expired – Ziza Bafana

Singing sensation, Ziza Bafana has come out to say that the big 3 musicians namely; Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, have expired. Now, this topic has always left divided opinions amongst Ugandans.

This is especially over their influence and significance. Bafana said that naturally when something or someone grows up, they expire. This is why these three musicians are laying back.

The Pomini singer added that for Bobi Wine, he realized that he has grown. That’s why he joined politics where his wisdom could be useful. Bafana went ahead to say that for his case, he saw all these three while growing up but none helped him. He also ranked them

The self-styled Katonda wa ragga said that Bebe Cool is an entertainer, Bobi Wine has the message but Chameleone is an exception because he creates real music.

“When you grow up, you expire. That’s why the big 3 musicians are laying back, @HEBobiwine joined politics because he has grown and his wisdom could be more useful that side.  I saw them growing up but none gave me a hand when I was starting. @BebeCoolUG is an entertainer, @HEBobiwine has a message but @JChameleone is exceptional, he creates real music,” said Ziza Bafana while appearing on Galaxy FM.

This was during the premiere of his new song My Boo featuring Western Ugandan musician, Ray G. The Omusheshe singer also gave his opinion on the Big 3 debate.

Ray G said that since these paved the way for the younger artists, they deserve maximum respect. However, when they indulge and play with the young generation, disrespect is all they get.

Personally, he said that he grew up listening to Jose Chameleone’s songs. This however does not mean that he’s the best. Besides, according to him, these three don’t have to keep reminding everyone that they are the big 3.


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