Bobi Wine Has Never Been Better Than Chameleone – Buchaman

Former Firebase vice president and ex-Bobi Wine’s right-hand man, Buchaman has advised his former boss to never compare himself to Leone Island boss Dr. Jose Chameleone musically.

According to Buchaman, Chameleone musically outshines the rest in the big 3, He centered his argument on the number of musicians Chameleone has inspired. He listed some of these that included the likes of Clever J, Dr Bitone who have made it.

However, if an artiste comes in the style of Bobi Wine, they can’t make it. This is because the singer now-turned politician is just blessed. He’s not the best at singing but just has luck upon him.

Further, Buchaman said that Chameleone’s music is relatable to everybody. For Bobi Wine, he just identified his fan base and kept on giving them music they identify with.

Therefore Chameleone is above Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool. For Bebe and Bobi, the Gagamel boss edges Bobi Wine. The only thing that the Kamwokya boss edges out his Kiwatule nemesis is ‘beating’ dancehall.

The Lwaki Temumatira singer then proceeded to give each of the three tags. Bobi Wine is a general, Chameleone is a champion and Bebe Cool is a conqueror.

“Bobi Wine shouldn’t be comparing himself to anyone right now, especially to Chameleone. Chameleone has inspired many upcoming musicians in Uganda than Bobi Wine. In fact, if you don’t want to be a star, then sing like Bobi Wine. You can never make it like he did because he’s just blessed. However, he isn’t a better singer than Chameleone and Bebe Cool. Bobi Wine is a general, Chameleone a champion and Bebe Cool a conqueror,” he said.

Furthermore, they asked whether he misses Bobi Wine, Buchaman said he doesn’t because the Firebase boss is not a woman. In his recent interview, Bobi Wine said that they all miss him because of his jokes.

This didn’t please Buchaman because he’s not a joker and yet it’s why Firebase misses him.


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