She is a monster! Suzan Makula’s dark side exposed

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s second wife Suzan Makula’s dark side has been exposed by one of the close friends.

This friend was of Pastor Bugingo who used to work at Salt media under Suzan Makula as the manager of their department.

Before Suzan Makula officially got with pastor Bugingo, the two dates secretly and a few people at the church knew about it.

Suzan Makula used to have Pastor Bugingo’s phone texting all the girls and ladies he was talking to telling them to leave her man.

By then Pastor Bugingo was still married to the first wife Teddy Naluswa and Suzan Makula was fighting for someone who is not hers.

This lady who exposed Suzan Makula said she is a monster and she did what she did to snatch someone’s husband knowing it is bad.

According to this lady, Suzan Makula leaked her own dating rumors to the media so that Teddy can leave Bugingo to her only.


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