Did Patricia Sitya Los abort? Here is the disease that sent her on sickbed

One of the triplets ghetto kids dances Patricia Sitya Loss is currently bedridden suffering from a very strange disease.

Photos of her sick on bed where shared on social media yesterday by her manager, When photos started making rounds, there was a rumor that she aborted and that the reason she was bedridden.

Bad Black is one of the people that posted on social media telling Patricia Sitya Loss that abortion is not for everyone like they do think.

“Abortion not for everyone dear daughter but insha Allah you gone be fine don’t worry…
Much love from mummy ❤️,”

However the truth is Patricia is suffering from throat lumbs and she us slowly by slowly improving her health.

“Ghetto Kids dancer and actress Nabakooza Patricia a.k.a Patricia Sitya Loss is currently admitted in hospital, battling a throat lump. We wish her a Quick Recovery!,”

It should be noted that Patricia Sitya Loss is in her form six vacation. She refused to share her results on social media although she said she passed.


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