“Let us delete all our old music, and start afresh,” Chameleone offers his opinion on the “Big Three” debate

The ‘Big Three’ debate (Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, and Bebe Cool) has persisted for many years and is still up for debate.

The debate includes a number of subtopics, such as who is the richest and who is the biggest musically among other aspects.

A week ago, Bobi Wine hosted entertainment journalists and stated that the music industry should no longer view him, Chameloene, and Bebe Cool as the top musicians.

“How can I still be the top musician when I am not active in the industry?” he said.

However, he took a shot at Chameleone and Bebe Cool, claiming that back when he was still heavily involved in the music industry, he was better than them academically, musically and financially.

His remarks sparked a new discussion about the “Big Three.”

Singer Chameleone has already responded, saying he is prepared to delete all his music catalogue and once more demonstrate why he is Uganda’s top musician.

“Tell whoever thinks is the best, to erase the old discs, forget about it and we start afresh. By next year on Easter, you should be able to tell us who is the best from number one to four.

Even fresh talent should participate. I have flagged off the race and I will start releasing music next week,” said Chameleone.

After Ramadan, Bebe Cool has vowed to comment exclusively on the topic. He, however, urged the young musicians to put in more effort so they could participate in the discussion of the “Big Three.”


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