y Mum Swept Kampala Roads To Get Food – Spice Diana

Source management singer Namukwaya Hajjara also known as Spice Diana has revealed what her mother went through to feed them at home.

The singer said her mother did so many odd jobs to keep the family running. One of them is sweeping Kampala streets.

Spice Diana is now one of the most successful singers in Uganda. Having found her way to the music industry and got management that has been pushing her to do better, some people can’t believe her past.

She didn’t have an easy upbringing because her mother didn’t have a permanent job. On top of not having a job, Spice Diana had also separated from her father and got married to another man who acted as a father figure in Spice’s life.

In a recent interview, Spice Diana revealed that they struggled to get what to eat. Even the school fees for both of them was a problem as they had to attend the cheapest day schools.

She said the mother was hardworking because she did multiple jobs to make sure they eat and one of the was sweeping Kampala streets.

According to Spice Diana, she doesn’t despise a humble background because it made her the person she is at the moment. Giving out to the needy and helping those in need is one of the things that fulfill her heart.

“People can’t believe it when I talk about how I grew up but the truth is that we struggled to get what to eat. My mother swept Kampala roads, sold meat on streets so that we survive,” she revealed.


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