VIDEO: Kabaka hails Pallaso as his best musician | Kino kilekawa Musajja wattu David Lutalo?

Musician Pallaso was left elated after the Kabaka of Buganda named him as one of his best musicians, This was during the 68th birthday celebration of the Kabaka.

Kabaka Mutebi said that there is a song he usually enjoys while exercising, And he asked his son Jjunju if he knows the musician who sang it to which he said that he does know the musician.

The Kabaka then told Jjunju to invite the singer for a performance on this day, And the Malamu singer was in an ecstatic mood as he couldn’t believe that he was getting such an honor from Buganda’s fountain of honor.

The singer after being complimented by the Kabaka took to stage to perform for the audience, it seems like the singer has also been bestowed upon the honor of Sir as per his communication via his Twitter page.


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