NZE MUNESONYIWE| Precious Remmie rants about religious leaders after they tell her off for entering the mosque with shoes on

According to the Islamic religion, it is highly unacceptable for anyone to take shoes into the Mosque. Well, Presenter Precious Remmie seems to have been somewhat misunderstood by a few religious leaders who accused her of entering the mosque with shoes, something that showed them she disrespect Islam.

Precious Remmie took to TikTok to rant about the particular  Sheikhs who want to make her think they know about Islam more than Allah the creator Himself.

Remmie, who also goes by Ray P, was accused of entering a mosque with her shoes which is against mosque rules.

“Hope we are all okay! Now, I’m here to address… something that I feel some people are taking… too personally. I hear I entered a mosque with shoes.

Hihi. Idle people are very funny. You are so funny. Hihihi. So, you all want to teach me that they don’t allow shoes inside a mosque? Really, as in really?” She stated in the tik tok video.

Remmie however claims she didn’t get into the mosque with shoes. She claims that  she only stood at the area where people leave shoes but some Sheikhs tried to argue with her over it. She mentioned that everyone should work for their own death and let Allah do the judging.

“Please stop the excitement! Stop the excitement and contempt that makes you think you are today’s prophets. Let everyone prepare for their death, please.

Work and prepare for your death and I also do the same for myself. Allah will do the judging.” She said

She also called upon anyone with an issue towards her or her conduct to hit her dm and tell her where she has gone wrong. She also stressed that she has been following Islamic teachings relentlessly hence she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what to do and what not to do.

“Have you heard? If you feel like you wanted to talk about me, you should have come into my inbox and told me that what you’ve done, Ray P is not right. And I tell you why I did it. But not you pretending that you are a prophet.

That you have a better understanding of Islam before even finding out the reason for doing something. Because all the time I’ve been following Islamic teachings, you are not going to tell me that you’ll telepathically know that I should remove shoes when entering a mosque. No, please.” She stressed.

Remmie said there are many people who are dying to find out why she entered the mosque with shoes even when she didn’t. She said when she was about to remove her shoes, some Sheikhs came and told her to stand where everyone leaves shoes.

“You who wants to know why I entered a mosque with shoes yet I didn’t… but I was standing where they leave shoes… I was standing at the entrance. Stop your excitement. I won’t allow contempt from anyone… Don’t act like you know a lot…” she said


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